If you invested £100,000 . . .

If you invested £100,000, then, according to Eden Land Planning's prospectus:

£1,786 would go towards Professional Fees, and £98,214 would be used to purchase land at Redruth, Cornwall. That is what you agreed to in July, 2018.

What really happened to your £100,000 was more like this:

£1,786 went on Professional Fees, and £2,823 went on Stamp Duty,

£65,848 was used to purchase land, and £29,542 was retained by Eden without your knowledge.

Remember, all this happened 2 months before Eden asked you to sign the Shareholders' Agreement. If challenged, Eden will argue that, in signing the Shareholders' Agreement, you agreed that any surplus money after completion of purchase be transferred from Redruth Eden to Eden Land Planning.

But, 2 months before the signature date of the Shareholders' Agreement, Eden's Lawyer, ELS Legal, had receipted your investment of £100,000 and told you by letter that "these monies" would be used to purchase land, (not two-thirds of these monies!) Therefore you had no reason to suspect that Eden's real business plan included the appropriation of 30% of your money when the project had barely started.