Dramatis personae

The Redruth Eden project has been running since June 2018. This page lists the main players and their roles (from my perspective) over the course of the project, beginning with...

John Hunt - Mr Hunt is the Regional Sales Director for Highgrove Consulting Ltd. He also acted as a sales agent for Eden Land Planning Ltd for which he used an Eden email address. Mr Hunt introduced the Eden investment opportunity and issued the 'Investors Presentation'. In June 2018, at a face-to-face meeting in Malvern, UK, and in subsequent emails, Mr Hunt outlined and recommended Eden's Redruth project, to which we signed up. From June 2018 until Q3 2021, Mr Hunt was my sole contact for the project. All communication from Eden and their lawyers, ELS Legal, was routed through Mr Hunt. I do not know how many such agents Eden employed.

By Q3 2021, the project had all but stalled and Eden's quarterly updates were inadequate and usually late. Mr Hunt said he was unable to answer my questions. He stepped back and put me in direct email contact with...

Lawrence Frampton - Mr Frampton is a Founder of Eden Land Planning Ltd. From Q3 2021 until February 2023, he was my main contact on the project. For the whole of this period, I had no reason to doubt that Redruth Eden Ltd had invested £2.2m in land. I had not yet discovered the deceit. Therefore my exchanges with Mr Frampton were mainly focused on the timeline to completion and were (with hindsight) a waste of time.

In November 2022, Eden announced another failed sale. This prompted me to search HM Land Registry. (I wanted proof that Redruth Eden Ltd really did own the Redruth property). In February 2023, I learned that Eden had spent only £1.475m on land, whereupon I asked Mr Frampton to account for the 'missing' £725k. He said his project role was to raise the equity but the deployment of funds was the responsibility of the Directors. He then stepped back and referred me to...  

Keith Gilbert & Anthony Abrams - Messrs Gilbert & Abrams are the Directors of Eden Land Planning Ltd and also of the SPV, Redruth Eden Ltd. In an email, Mr Abrams cited stamp duty which reduced the unaccounted deficit from £725,000 to £661,750 (though stamp duty was not mentioned in the prospectus). But neither he nor Mr Gilbert can deny or justify their covert retention of 30% of the Investors' tendered funds. The key word here is 'covert'. Gilbert & Abrams refuse to enable inter-investor communication. Why is that? 

ELS Legal - ELS Legal was the trading name of ELS Law Ltd. They were ELP's lawyers from the start of the project. Richard Spector is described as the 'Partner of this firm with conduct of this matter'. ELS Legal changed its name to Spector Constant & Williams Ltd in 2019 and still represents Eden Land Planning Ltd.