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Dramatis personae

The Redruth Eden project has been running since June 2018. This page lists the main players and their roles (from my perspective) over the course of the project, beginning with... John Hunt - Mr Hunt is the Regional Sales Director for Highgrove Consulting Ltd. He also acted as a sales agent for Eden Land Planning Ltd for which he used an Eden email address. Mr Hunt introduced the Eden investment opportunity and issued the 'Investors Presentation'. In June 2018, at a face-to-face meeting in Malvern, UK, and in subsequent emails, Mr Hunt outlined and recommended Eden's Redruth project, to which we signed up. From June 2018 until Q3 2021, Mr Hunt was my sole contact for the project. All communication from Eden and their lawyers, ELS Legal, was routed through Mr Hunt. I do not know how many such agents Eden employed. By Q3 2021, the project had all but stalled and Eden's quarterly updates were inadequate and usually late. Mr Hunt said he was unable to answer my questions.