This independent website describes my experience as a private investor with Eden Land Planning Ltd., a London-based company that provides opportunities to invest in UK brown-field development sites.

The website is for information only. I have made every effort to ensure the information presented here is factually correct. Eden runs many projects and it may be that they have many satisfied clients. I am not one. 

The only project I write about is the one I invested in, involving the purchase and resale of a development site in Redruth, Cornwall. I say nothing about Eden's wider portfolio of projects.

I have repeatedly asked Eden Land Planning Ltd. to provide an investors' forum for the Redruth project, to allow investors to discuss options and share information. Most companies encourage such client involvement. Had Eden provided such a channel, I would not have felt the need to produce this public website. 

My hope is that some of my fellow investors find this site and benefit from the information I have provided, whether or not they wish to contact me directly.

Eden has claimed that this website is defamatory. I do not think it is. Defamation is "the action of damaging the reputation of a person or group by saying or writing bad things about them that are not true".  (Italics are mine). However, I promise to remove or correct any statement on the site that can be shown to be untrue.

Comments are welcome but are subject to moderation to avoid spam, defamation, etc..