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Nine irrefutable facts

I have presented the Directors of Eden Land Planning with nine statements that I consider to be irrefutable. I have promised to withdraw, with a full apology, any statement that they can factually refute. They have responded by protesting their innocence and accusing me of defamation, but have not yet addressed a single one of my nine statements. The reason is simple - the statements are true. Here are the statements: 1) The Investors Presentation stated: Acquisition cost, £2,200,000. That was a misrepresentation or, in plain English, a lie. 2) The true purchase price was £1,475,000 and the acquisition cost was £1,538,250. ELP inflated this figure by 43%, or £661,750. 3) The investors most probably believed the Investors Presentation figure, because no-one who thought they were being lied to would invest money in the project. 4) Until Feb 2023 when I learned the true figure, I believed it too, which is why we invested £100,000. 5) The effect and purpose of the lie was to give ELP