Locating Eden

UPDATE: March 09, 2024

Eden Land Planning Ltd was 'advised to move their registered office' and duly did so early in March 2024. 

ELP has also moved the registered office of the SPV, Redruth Eden Ltd, (and presumably the SPVs of all their current projects).

The new registered address filed at Companies House is:


Capital Office is a company that provides virtual offices at 124 City Road. ELP will have no physical presence there.

The rest of this page is out of date but may be useful for reference.

The registered office address of both Eden Land Planning Ltd. and Redruth Eden Ltd. is: 

201 Haverstock Hill, Second Floor, C/O FKGB, London, England, NW3 4QG 

However, Eden Land Planning does not have a physical presence there.

201 Haverstock Hill has three floors of offices above Kavanagh's, a very fine food outlet:

But the office space is wholly assigned to three companies, one per floor, thus:

The receptionist for AEL Markhams Ltd (second floor, where Eden is registered) informed me, via intercom, that they receive Eden's mail, but she could give me no forwarding address for them. 

Of course, it is not unusual for a company to work without a physical business premises, especially nowadays when so much business is conducted on-line. But, with luck, this post might prevent others from making a pointless journey across town.