These are questions that I have put to the directors of Eden Land Planning Ltd. on several occasions. 

Q1    Will you please enable an Investors' Forum (e.g. a WhatsApp group) to allow investors to discuss options and formulate group feedback to the Board?

Eden's response - ignore the question

Q2    Will you please convene a Shareholders' Meeting to discuss such matters as the accounts and possible project completion strategies?

Eden's response - ignore the question

Q3    Please explain why Eden will not enable communication between the investors?

Eden's response - ignore the question

My explanation - Eden does not want the investors to learn that the true purchase price was only £1,475,000, not £2.2m, and that £661,750 was transferred out of the Redruth Eden investment fund and into Eden Land Planning Ltd. without the investors' knowledge.

Q4    Immediately following completion, the sum of £661,750 was transferred to ELP Ltd. Please send me a detailed spreadsheet tracking all post-acquisition expenditure, or, if you prefer, a total-expenditure spreadsheet including the acquisition phase. 

Eden's response - Eden have already responded to these queries. Eden's accountants have confirmed in writing the total monies that have been spent to date. Eden has been advised not to release any further information to you as there is a concern you will advertise confidential investor/project information on a public website. You will continue to receive the same regular updates as Eden's other investors.

My observation - Eden has not issued any detail of post-acquisition expenditure. The accountants' statement that 'to the best of their knowledge' the total cost of the project to date is £2,081,127 is meaningless as it does not itemise post acquisition expenditure. Eden 'has been advised', by whom? Presumably by their lawyers, Spector, Constant & Williams, (formerly ELS Legal), who drafted the Shareholders' Agreement and the letter that stated that our monies would be used to purchase land at Redruth. (Not two-thirds of our monies).

Q5    Please issue the Accounts, year to 30 July 2023, as required by the Shareholders' Agreement.

Eden's response - Ignore the request. ELP finally issued the filleted accounts to me on 01 Mar 24. They have not confirmed if these were issued to all investors.

Q6    As you do not have office premises, please agree to a face-to-face meeting at a neutral venue to discuss outstanding matters.

Eden's response - Ignore the request. Refuse to answer further emails. Instruct (!) me to instruct a lawyer to address further communication to Eden's lawyers. 

My observation - Eden's single act of secretly withholding almost a third of the investment fund effectively crippled the project and caused (at least) 6 years' delay with zero returns for investors. They appear scared to meet across a table and hope to hide behind their lawyers. Update: Eden finally agreed to a face-to-face meeting. This was hosted by Spector Constant Williams (Eden's Lawyer). I proposed an agenda which Eden rejected in favour of a 'frank discussion', without prejudice. This was unsatisfactory.

Q7    Are there any factual errors or mis-statements in this website? (I have promised to remove or correct any statement that can be shown to be untrue).

Eden's response - Eden has acted at all times in the best interests of the investors. 

My observation - Eden has not pointed to even one statement in the whole site that can be challenged on the grounds of factual inaccuracy.